Presbyopia & Monovision


Presbyopia is a normal ageing process that causes near vision to become blurry for most people in their mid 40s. It is caused by the lens inside the eye losing its elasticity and the process gradually continues until the lens becomes almost completely inflexible in the low to mid 50s. There is no known cure for presbyopia, although lens surgery is being investigated.

Presbyopia is an issue for people considering laser surgery because reading glasses are going to be required at some point in the future. If a patient has laser surgery then they can expect to need reading glasses when they are about 45 years of age.
Some people do get around the need for reading glasses by choosing to have what is called ‘monovision’.



Monovision occurs when one eye has clear vision for distance and the other eye is left with some myopia. The remaining short-sightedness enables that eye to focus for reading and near tasks. In this way a person can see at both distances without the need for glasses. The significant disadvantage with this situation is that binocular vision and depth perception are compromised.

People who are considering monovision are strongly advised to simulate the situation with contact lenses. Monovision proves to be disconcerting for some people and a contact lens trial should be undertaken for a few days of real life activity. If you are considering this option your Optometrist can assist you by prescribing the correct contact lenses.


Contact lens trial

Following your eye assessment a Contact lens trial can be arranged to assist you in determining if Monvision is the right chioce for you.​
Contact lenses are placed in the eyes to mimick your “after surgery” vision.

You will then spend some time performing your normal tasks to see how you manage with the Monovision arrangement.

You do not need to be a current contact lens wearer to do this.
Our helpful staff will handle the insertion and removal of the lenses.
Contact lenses are comfortable for even first time wearers and will not cause you any discomfort during this trial.